04/03/2017 - Destaque, Look
LOOK: Vestido Adidas


Vamos de look hoje? Hahahaha Amo, amo, amo!

Quem me conhece sabe que eu fiquei vidrada neste vestido da Adidas. Tanto que acho que eu passei um bom tempo usando ele para to-das as ocasiões. (E confesso que continuo amando!)

O modelo dele é bem básico, estilo camisetão – do jeitinho que eu amo – e dá para usar com short, com camisa amarrada na cintura… enfim! São muitas possíbilidades.


Muito amor, né?! Eu estou encantada. Essa pegada urbana é muega confortável e eu estou me jogando nela com força. Quem mais curte?

Estou usando:

  • Vestido – Adidas – Vibe Girl
  • Tênis – Adidas Superstar + Farm – Vibe Girl
  • Brinco – Vibe Girl

    16 outubro 2017

    Course I'll follow you – can't get me hooked and then expect me to stay behind 😀 (I'll stick with blogger though for the time being, not as discerning/knowledgable about the whole 'tingie', and it does what I want it to do.. mostly. I'm easy to please in that regard :D)Might not have time to help you packing or baking maccaroons, but will bring decorations for the housewarming party. Just say the word 😀

    16 outubro 2017

    As an artist this work for me is an original way of working. The texture is amazing and you can work on a large scale or a foot sqare and still acheive fantastic effects using images and typography it would be interesting to try and combine both.

    16 outubro 2017

    MalifatcatWithout doubt the best S.K book (in my humble opinion, and I’ve read them all) is THE DARK HALF. I read it at 23 and slept with the light on for 6 months!!Also, GERALD’s GAME – A whole book based on a woman handcuffed to a bed, psychologically frightening!PET CEMETERY too!

    17 outubro 2017

    That’s some serious cleaning there. We bet those are even more kissable now! Tomorrow, our brother Quint doesn’t know it yet but Mom and the Dad are taking him to get a walking harness! Why, that’s almost crazy-talk, don’t you think? Hope you have a good weekend there! Purrs…

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